Saturday, January 23, 2021

About this site is an agricultural news tracking website for farmers, stakeholders and people who are interested in agriculture. Interesting and educational stories in agriculture are scattered across hundreds of news sites and blogs. arranges many of these links into an easy to handle website. The site contains a wide variety of agricultural topics. Because we add a brief scope of the stories it is an easy way to manage your websearch efficiently.

Tracking innovations in agriculture

Changes are taking place in international agriculture rapidly. Many technical and social innovations are occuring. Also the demand for sustainable and resilient food production is increasing. If you are into agriculture yourself, it won't surprise you agricultural rapid changes are taking place around the globe. strives to be a main source for tracking the latest innovations. It does this, by presenting a summary of the day's news. Story selection is accomplished via a combination of computational editing and direct human editorial input. Newly we also puslish own content stories. Read our first publication about Vertical Farming by clicking the button below.

Grow your farm with daily news from agriculture!

Many agricultural stories on the web are very educational. Get insights in farming basics; animal husbandry, crop production or learn all about managing a farm. Stay informed about agricultural innovations and technical and social developments. Keep up about what's taking place in agriculture. is for farmers, stakeholders and people interested in agriculture.

Gerard Sijpkens


Gerard is a graduate of Agriculture Sciences at the University of Bonn, Germany, and initiator of this site. His interest in international agricultural developments arose during advisory work as precision farming specialist.

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