Addressing challenges in food security through vertical container farms

container farms
University in United Kingdom addresses challenges in food security through container farms.

The Nottingham Trent University’s School of Animal, Rural, and Environmental Sciences in United Kingdom develops two vertical container farms to address food security challenges in the future.

Furthermore, these container farms have the capability to produce up to five tonnes of crops each annually. Also, it uses automated feeding and environmental control systems that create a suitable growing condition for plants.

The University also aims to address global challenges on food security and safety through leading a precision-based agriculture. The increasing world population, climate change, and decreasing natural resources put the risks to the food supply chain.

Moreover, these crops integrate vertical farming method and LED light to stimulates nutrient recipes and wavelengths of light to enhance growth, potential, and nutritional contents of crops.

Source: Dominic Cuthbert, Food & Drink International | Photo by Huayuan Smart, Flickr

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