Aerobotics expanding operations in US in 2019


South African agri-tech startup Aerobotics is concentrating on expanding its operations in the United States (US) in 2019. The company is active in 11 markets.

The startup’s cloud-based application provides farmers with insights, scouting and other tools to reduce damage to tree and vine crops from pests and diseases. The company uses combined imagery from satellites and drones to identify problems on individual tree canopy level. The technology can identify if a tree or vine is experiencing stress and tracks individual tree and vine metrics over time.

Aerobotics is for any tree and vine farmer that is interested in using the modern precision agriculture technology to improve crop quality and yields and to reduce costs. Aerobotics recently announced that it has processed its 10 millionth tree in its database. The more trees the software processes the better the product becomes.

Source: Disrupt Africa Picture: Pixabay

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