Friday, February 22, 2019

Agricultural technology

What are benefits of newest agricultural technology? Modern farmers are doing far different things than a few decades ago, mainly due to technological advances, including sensors, appliances, machinery and information technology. Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and humidity sensors, aerial photography and GPS technology. With these advanced equipment and precise farming and robotic systems, businesses can become more profitable, more efficient, safer and greener…

CSIRO launches analytics platform to monitor rural farms

The national science agency of Australia, CSIRO, launched the Rural Intelligence Platform to deliver farm data and analytics for land monitoring. Furthermore, this platform will...

Advanced equipment, technologies from China aid Iraq’s agriculture sector

After the agriculture sector of Iraq suffered from great loss, China came to its aid to provide advanced equipment and technologies to redrew its...

Tudder mobile app offers breeding matches to search for moo love

The United Kingdom-based company Hectare develops a mobile application that aims to find breeding matches of cattle. Dubbed as a tinder-like application, the Tudder app...

Real-time alerts allow farmers to monitor crop health, water status

Aqualitik, a startup company in India, aims to utilize artificial intelligence to help farmers manage pond and crop health through real-time alerts and actionable...

Small-scale farmers in Africa to benefit from access to farm mechanization

As the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and African Conservation Tillage (ACT) Network joined forces in promoting conservation agriculture, it calls out for small-scale...

Production technologies in Bangladesh help reduce farmers’ work

The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) develops various farm machinery and production technologies to ease farmers' work. One of these production technologies is the Urea...

What is AgTech?

AgTech stands for the application software and hardware technology in the field of agriculture. AgTech is an industry that offers versatile solutions for almost every step of the food manufacturing process. In traditional farming AgTech assits in the application of current technology and revolutionizing Agriculture. AgTech can assist in:

  • biotechnology
  • water management systems (e.g. soil moiusture sensors, smart irrigation techniques)
  • plant & soil analytics (soil sampling, disease modelling)
  • advanced machinery for crop monitoring (sensors, drones, satellite imagery)
  • production assistance and labour automation (robots)
  • predictive analytics (weather forecasting) or supply chain management

Also AgTech plays a role in novel farming and revolutionary farming systems.

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