Thursday, December 12, 2019

Agricultural technology

What are benefits of newest agricultural technology? Modern farmers are doing far different things than a few decades ago, mainly due to technological advances, including sensors, appliances, machinery and information technology. Today’s agriculture routinely uses sophisticated technologies such as robots, temperature and humidity sensors, aerial photography and GPS technology. With these advanced equipment and precise farming and robotic systems, businesses can become more profitable, more efficient, safer and greener…

Youtube offers additional income to farmers through video blogging

Farmers resort to Youtube to earn more while producing crops in rural communities. Dubbed as Millennial Farmers, these farmers advocate the art of growing crops...

Modern Irrigation: More than Techniques

In the last decades, modern irrigation technology has introduced unprecedented concepts and techniques for its improvement and coping with unrelenting changes in the sector....

Drone prototype does agricultural spraying even without farmers

A student from the KL University in Andhra Pradesh has successfully develop a prototype of drone that does agricultural spraying. The drone prototype is set...

Microsoft offers modern technology to Brazil to boost local agriculture

Microsoft develops a set of applications that could boost Brazil's agricultural productivity through modern technology. The modern technology is FarmBeats which offer drones, IoT, blockchain,...

Xarvio develops app to optimize crop production in UK

To optimize crop production in United Kingdom, the Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions develops an application that detects farm weed and diseases. It also has photo...

Robot fruit pickers solve decline in manual labor in Europe’s farms

Due to the increasing labor costs in Europe, Robocrop aims to outpace manual labor in fruit picking of over 25,000 raspberries in a day. With...

What is AgTech?

AgTech stands for the application software and hardware technology in the field of agriculture. AgTech is an industry that offers versatile solutions for almost every step of the food manufacturing process. In traditional farming AgTech assits in the application of current technology and revolutionizing Agriculture. AgTech can assist in:

  • biotechnology
  • water management systems (e.g. soil moiusture sensors, smart irrigation techniques)
  • plant & soil analytics (soil sampling, disease modelling)
  • advanced machinery for crop monitoring (sensors, drones, satellite imagery)
  • production assistance and labour automation (robots)
  • predictive analytics (weather forecasting) or supply chain management

Also AgTech plays a role in novel farming and revolutionary farming systems.

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