Agribusiness professionals express support in agri-tech startups in US

Nine agritech startups flaunt their innovations at Iowa Agritech Accelerator.

Agribusiness professionals and mentors attend the second annual Iowa Agritech Accelerator Day to support nine agri-tech startups company with their innovations in agriculture.

Moreover, these startup companies flaunt their innovations and gave a heads up to experts in agribusiness. Here are some of the innovations:

  • The Big Data in A Box innovation offers a one-stop shop data and analytics tool that provides organic certification, compliance, and operations planning to farmers.
  • Also, the application Ag-EZ that alerts farmers on the needs of farm and connects farmers to service providers
  • Moreover, the DroneSAR company’s radar imaging sensor hardware and software for precision agriculture applications.
  • The unmanned aerial vehicle of Shift.Aero that features weight-shift steering technology for crop spraying.
  • Lastly, the Vilicus Capital that provides services for regenerative and ecological farming through training for farmers.

Source: Megan Vollstedt, Successful Farming | Photo by Erwin Kindangen, Flickr

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