Innovation center in Australia paves way for agricultural breakthroughs

agricultural breakthroughs
Agricultural breakthroughs in Australia will help improve the agricultural production.

The Peel region in Western Australia will build a Centre for Innovation in Agriculture to make way for agricultural breakthroughs and high-tech jobs to further improve the region’s agriculture sector.

Furthermore, this innovation center will offer a new laboratory building that includes a computer laboratory, DNA genomics, and microbiology laboratory. It also aims to conduct research to help farmers sell high-quality foods in premium markets.

After the construction, it will provide access to laboratory facilities, meeting rooms, workstations and livestock for businesses, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Moreover, agricultural breakthroughs would pave the way for food security by the year 2050.

Source: Jill Burgess, Mandurah Coastal Times | Photo by Tom Fisk, Pexels 

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