Agricultural lands and how modern practices can nourish it

agricultural lands in Ireland
To combat the fear of soil destruction, Irish farmers have a list of guidelines on how to achieve healthy agricultural lands.

With the fear of continuous destruction of agricultural lands in Ireland, farmers learned to protect, nourish, and value the soils to achieve a sustainable agriculture system.

Moreover, one of the things that they do is to preserve the phosphorus content of soils. Here’s a list of effective activities to nourish the soil:

  • Conduct a regular test of soil fertility levels.
  • Also, be aware of soils’ PH level.
  • Maximize the value of fertilizer in agricultural lands.
  • Prevent the improper ration of nutrients for the soil.

Through these activities, grassland systems will bring numerous benefits to farmers and economy such as financial returns, improved production, and maximum income for farmers.

Source: Anne Marie Butler, AgriLand | Photo from Pixabay

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