Agricultural startups gather in Vietnam to witness hi-tech innovations

agricultural startups
Entrepreneurs of agricultural startups in ASEAN attended the ASEAN+3 Young Entrepreneurs Forum to share their experiences in innovation.

Innovation. Hi-technology. Agricultural startups.

Ten ASEAN countries have participated in ASEAN+3 Young Entrepreneurs Forum in Vietnam to witness and share each country’s hi-tech agricultural startup models.

Also, the event tackles the hindrances faced along the way of agricultural startups that made them better in the field of innovation. Moreover, it aims to develop ASEAN young human resources in this field.

One of the innovations presented in the event is the Tagani. Tagani is a startup from the Philippines that provides a platform for tourists to relax through farm experiences. Also, farmers in the country earn additional income from farm tours.

Source: IDG Connect | Photo by William Ong, Pixabay

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