Agricultural tractors compatible to Laforge’s DynaTrac guidance system

agricultural tractors
Laforge launched its DynaTrac guidance system that is compatible to all type of GPS-powered tractors.

Laforge, a company in France that optimizes agricultural tractors, bags a gold medal for its DynaTrac interface at the 2019 SIMA Agribusiness show in Paris.

The said DynaTrac interface has features that can fit in every model of tractors that have a guidance system or camera. Its key features are:

  • Improves the tracking of tractor’s trajectory on both flat and hilly fields.
  • GPS-operated guidance systems allow farms to be always ready for precision farming.
  • User-friendly because of its one set up an interface.
  • Also, it reduces fuel consumption and limits soil disturbance.
  • Plants with regular spacing between rows.
  • Prevents overlaps and poor positioning of planting of vegetables.
  • Root-close fertilizer application.
  • Boosts yields and generates more savings for farmers as it decreases the use of fertilizer.
  • Lastly, precise application of irrigation systems.

Source: Farm Equipment | Photo from Laforge DynaTrac

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