Conference features success of India in agroforestry sector

agroforestry sector
India's success story in agroforestry sector.

The Heart of Borneo 2019 Conference featured the success of India in the agroforestry sector and how the government drafts a national policy specifically for this industry.

Through the policy, people learn how trees can be vital to human well being, climate change, mitigation, and sustainability. It also provides farmers with livelihood and environmental benefits such as:

  • Sustainable crop production
  • Livelihood programs
  • Stable ecosystems
  • Insurance schemes
  • Access to market for product selling
  • And, resilient cropping and farming systems.

Furthermore, the said policy in agroforestry also aims to create employment opportunities, generate more income, conserve natural resources, and improve productivity.

Source: David Thien, Daily Express | Photo by Ben Raskin, Flickr

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