Bayer subsidary the Climate Corporation announced 2018 Seed Advisor harvest results

The Climate Corporation

Bayer expands digital innovation pipeline at The Climate Corporation to bring breakthrough digital tools to more farmers

The Climate Corporation (Climate), a subsidiary of Bayer and the industry leader in bringing digital innovation to farmers, today announced strong harvest results for farmers using Seed Advisor, its new predictive seed selection and placement technology for corn. In addition to Seed Advisor, Climate accelerated 25 innovation advancements in 2018 through its global, digital farming pipeline to provide farmers more data-driven insights to sustainably improve their productivity.

Announced in the United States in August 2018, Seed Advisor empowers seed dealers with a predictive model that combines the industry’s largest, proprietary seed genetics library with regional seed performance data to help predict the best performing hybrids for each of a farmer’s fields. As part of Climate’s rigorous process for bringing new digital solutions to market, the tool was field tested by a group of farmers and their dealers through the company’s FieldView™ Innovators program across 100,000 U.S. corn acres in Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota during the 2018 growing season. Harvest results demonstrated an average yield advantage of 9.1 bushels per acre versus what the farmer would have planted without Seed Advisor recommendations, with a more than 80 percent win rate.

“It’s a simple tool for farmers who want to see positive results,” said farmer Rick DeGroote of Parkersburg, Iowa. “In 2018, I used Seed Advisor recommendations for 90 percent of my fields, and if my results prove anything, it’s that this technology will be adopted quickly when it’s widely available. I believe The Climate Corporation is the clear leader, and I look forward to more innovations they’ll bring my farm in the future.”

As Climate continues to expand its digital technologies to help more farmers access advanced agronomic insights, it adds new data layers to feed its global R&D engine and enables the development of new features for farmers through its industry-leading Climate FieldView platform.

Source: Bayer Picture: The Climate Corporation

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