Biogas from cow manure: Way to produce crops during dry season

biogas from manure
As climate change worsens, India aims to produce biogas from cow manure to produce crops even on drought.

Climate change causes unpredictable weather conditions in all parts of the world. With this, farmers in India plan to produce biogas from cow manure to provide clean energy and use it to improve the soil in farms.

Also, the changing climate conditions lead to new pests attacking the soil and crops. That’s why cow manure is a new way for farmers to cope with this growing problem. Below is the list of the benefits that farmers could get from cow manure:

  • Cut expenditures from chemical fertilizers.
  • Also, it reduces deforestation and restores the earth soil.
  • Help farmers produce organic crops.
  • It reduces carbon emissions.
  • Biogas helps soil hold more water even on drought or dry season.

Source: Eco-business | Photo from Flickr

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