Breeding technology gives plant, cattle breeders extra possibilities

breeding technology offers possibility to animal and plant breeding
Company in United States offers breeding technology to help breeders improve the traits in animal and plant breeding.

Keygene, a company in the United States that offers molecular genetics research and development to improve food, develops a technology called SNPSelect. As that being said, the SNPSelect technology allows possibilities to improve plant and animal breeding.

Furthermore, the technology allows breeders to detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP), a genetic variant, among plants and animals. In fact, this variant help breeders maximize the optimization of the breeding program that they offered.

SNPs can be very helpful for breeders of plants and farm animals as small differences in DNA can cause crucial improvements in important traits. For example, one change could make a plant produce higher yielding crops. Another is when a farm animal could produce more milk than before.

The technology is very flexible as it allows breeders to change the set of SNPs they work with annually. As a result, breeders can use this opportunity to produce animals that they are interested with. However, crucial traits can be present. Yet the company finds a way to develop a sustainable way if this technology will produce a good combination.

Source: KeyGene | Photo from Flickr

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