Climate change: How to boost sugarcane crop production despite threats?

climate change on crops
Sugarcane crop production drops after risks of climate change worsen.

As climate change continues to impose threats on sugarcane crops in Pakistan, farmers need to take note of these practices to combat the decreasing production of the said crop.

  • Do not feed sugarcane crops during extreme weather conditions because it will not maximize the benefits of fertilizers.
  • Moreover, feed fertilizers to crops when the temperature is between 15-30 degree centigrade to boost production and maximize the sugar content.
  • Also, farmers need to mix granules in irrigation water to prevent risks of poison to birds.

Aside from this, a research institute would help prepare and train farmers for high-yielding possibilities and less consumption of water. Furthermore, farmers can ask assistance in case threats of climate change would severely affect their crops.

Source: The Nation | Photo by Phuoc Nguyen, Flickr

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