Dairy consortium seeks technologies to develop data management for herd

dairy consortium
Dairy consortium offers major advantages in the dairy industry.

The D4Dairy consortium in Austria aspires to utilize data management in dairy farming to further protect animal health, welfare, and product quality.

Through the help of breeding organizations, animal health organizations, farmers, technology providers, and etc., new insights will help dairy farmers in Austria and Germany analyze methods with big data and infrared-spectra. This consortium offers major advantages in the dairy industry:

  • First, the development of decision-supporting instruments for active herd management.
  • Second, offer farmers with practicable software tools.
  • Third, early detection and immediate response to health problems.
  • Fourth, obtain meaningful parameters for herd management and breeding.
  • Fifth, study, also, the biochemical composition of milk.
  • Sixth, monitor the animals’ reactions to environmental factors to predict performance gain and losses.
  • Lastly, the impact of diseases to health and fertility of animals.

Source: Innovation Origins | Photo by Kat Jayne, Pixabay

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