Dairy-tech event features innovative, cost-saving tech in dairy production

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Dairy-tech event features innovation in dairy production.

The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers has launched a dairy-tech event that features the best high-tech gadgets in dairy production.

Below is a list of some innovative and cost-saving dairy technologies that could help farmers in improving the efficiency of their dairy farms.

  • Xchangers presents its glycol chiller system that saves energy by reducing the need to chill milk. Also, it extracts heat from milk to serves as a heating source.
  • Moreover, Cainthus company shows its herd management system that uses facial recognition feature to monitor cows and alert farmers in case of sudden changes.
  • The Breedr livestock management application that collates weight-gain data and carcass information to monitor herd’s impact on farms.

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  • Furthermore, the Eurofins company launched a pocket-sized smart sensor that helps farmers and feed advisers in real-time analyzation of dry matter of forage.
  • Zoetis, also, presents its new Smartbow ear tag that measures and monitors the movement of cows to determine its health and heat status.
  • Last in the list would be the AquaClim system of Bioret Agri that uses rubber waterbeds with heat exchanger technology that can turn heat stress of cows into heat energy.

Source: Michael Priestley, Farmers Weekly | Photo from Pexels

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