Data-tracking system can track food source, avoids food waste in seconds

data-tracking system in food
Data-tracking system allows growers to track food source in seconds.

At the Salinas Valley AG Tech Summit, the IBM company introduces its new data-tracking system to help growers establish traceability through new technologies.

Furthermore, the Food Trust technology can be able to track the source of a certain product, where it grew, and which farm grew it in a maximum of two seconds. Also, it collects, stores, links, and secures information about the food product in the food supply chain.

It can also alert growers on the possibility of food safety problems so that it won’t reach the consumers beforehand. It also prevents food waste, food fraud, and provides transparency to the consumers on the source of the products that they buy.

Furthermore, this data-tracking system will prevent any anomalies in food production.

Source: Carol Lawrence, The Packer | Photo from Flickr

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