Digital agriculture opens opportunity to African farmers

digital agriculture
What benefits could digital agriculture offer to farmers in Africa?

Modernization in agriculture opens opportunity for economical, environmental, and farmers benefits. Through the transition to digital agriculture, Africa has slowly adopts and cope with the advantages that this has to offer.

Furthermore, researchers also seek for digital solutions that could minimize farm work while helping them to earn more. These projects which are launch to advance farmers in digital agriculture cause modernization to dominate African agriculture:

  • The Lifantou company uses big data to connect school canteens to farming cooperatives. Their platform helps bring down the cost of school meals and communicate with databank in crop production.
  • Another one is the Pix Fruit project that aims to develop a software that could precisely produce an accurate count of returns base on the number of crops. Moreover, farmers can use smartphones and fruit-recognition technology to calculate the overall harvest of a farm.
  • Mobile applications and software is also a great assistance to farmers as these provide a handy tool to get monitor weather information, seek farming tips, make payments, and more.

Source: David Esnault, Phys Org | Photo from Pixabay

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