Documentary gives voice to Tanzanian cassava farmers and scientists


The 18-minute documentary was shot in various locations in Tanzania in March 2018 by Chris Knight, videographer with the Cornell Science Media Production Center, in collaboration with Heneriko Kulembeka, plant breeder and NextGen cassava coordinator at the Ukiriguru Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute center in Mwanza.

Millions of Tanzanian cassava farmers lost 2018 crop harvest due to two viruses. The film shows the efforts to comat the viruses by an international group of scientists. The film also features stories form Tanzanian farmers and agricultural scientists in the NextGen proejct.

Cassava is consumed by more than 500 million people daily across the African continent. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, cassava is the second most important staple in sub-Saharan Africa and a major source of calories for two out of five Africans. Scientists fear that cassava brown streak disease, which is currently endemic to East Africa, may spread west toward Nigeria and Ghana. This would trigger an international cassava shortage and severely affect tens of millions of smallholder cassava producers.

Source: Cornell University Read full story here.

Watch video here.