Drip protection systems offer innovative solution to aging coffee trees

coffee plants
Vietnam launched a seminar to tackle the aging stage of coffee plants.

The Western Highland Agriculture & Forestry Science Institute (WASI) organized a seminar that tacklers drip protection system as a key product in protecting coffee trees.

Furthermore, participants of the seminar would be coming from the different plant protection departments, value chains, farmers, and traders. As coffee trees in Vietnam enter the aging stage, coffee growers express their concern as yield decreases to 40%.

Through the seminar, it will have an open discussion on experiences and solutions on how coffee growers will integrate innovative technical solutions to achieve success in replanting. Also, this seminar would promote less toxicity for the environment while saving natural resources.

Moreover, as drip protection takes the spotlight in the seminar, it highlighted the benefits that drip irrigation offers to achieve improvement in cost saving and risks reduction to both farmers and companies.

Source: Vietnam News | Photo by Daniel Reche, Pexels

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