Fertigation: Maximizes crop potential through precise application of nutrient

fertigation system
Fetigation helps farmers maximize the yielding potential of crops.

Fertigation is a process wherein plants receive a precise amount of fertilizer through micro irrigation systems.

Furthermore, this process serves a lot of benefits to both farmers and plants. Aside from economic benefits, it reduces soil erosion, prevents soil-borne diseases, reduces water consumption and fertilizer use.

Also, it allows farmers to maximize the yield potential of crops as it accurately delivers nutrients that the plants may need. Moreover, it maximizes the nutrient absorption of plants as it goes wherever the irrigation water goes.

Though it has its own constraints, we can’t deny the fact that fertigation is one of the most useful methods in precision farming.

Source: Robin Kumar, Lalit Kumar Rolaniya and Arun Kumar, Krishijagran.com | Photo from Flickr 

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