Floating urban farming: The future of farming in the cities

floating urban farming
Studio Nab introduces a design of a floating urban farming project.

The Studio Nab has released the details of the Superfarm project that features a six-story floating urban farming tower that will produce high-nutritional value foods.

Furthermore, this project addresses the solution to the increasing world population by producing high-yielding foods, reducing health risks, reviving economies, and achieving self-sufficiency in energy. Also, this is futuristic of view of moving farmlands indoor as farmlands are continuously decreasing.

Also, this floating urban farm project will not just include salads and fruits but also seaweed culture, beekeeping, insect farming, aquaponics, and greenhouse cultivations. Moreover, it will utilize the recycling of water through evapotranspiration to save resources.

Source: Niall Patrick Walsh, Arch Daily | Photo from Studio NAB

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