Seven teams showcase business ideas to help smallholder farmers

food and beverage industry
Competition for business ideas in India aims to help smallholder farmers.

Competing for the Rabobank-MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize, seven teams have made it to the finals as they showcase their business ideas in food and beverage industry.

As the MIT Food and Agriculture Club hosts the said event, each team has a 5-minute presentation to pitch their proposals. Here’s the seven finalists:

  • Gramhal- develops a mobile tool to allow smallholder farmers sell their crops at their own price.
  • Velaron- aims to organize an international shrimp trade through a commodity market.
  • Bare Bear- proposes an all-natural binding agents to create a gum of coffee.
  • Caldo- develops an automated vending machine that uses sensors to keep meals fresh.
  • COZY Nutrition- aims to sell easy-to-digest hypoallergenic cow milk.
  • Haystack- aims to use automation to detect and remove weeds from farms.
  • Lastly, the Mosaic Sensors develops a nutrient sensor that controls the nitrogen and phosphorous input on farms.

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Furthermore, the Gramhal team bags the first award with $20,000 cash. This event aims to help smallholder farmers in India gain access to storage facilities, earn more profit, quickly sell their crops, and pay their loans.

Source: Mirage News | Photo by Mathieu Schoutteten, Flickr

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