Food tech startups show potential in enhancing food chain in Europe

food tech startups
Food tech startups offer products and services to improve food chain in Europe.

Food tech startup companies build new technologies to make the food chain more valuable and sustainable. Opportunities in this industry are vast that’s why technological companies make investments to further enhance it.

As Wageningen University targets to held the F&A Next Conference, seven food tech companies show potential in defining the future of food tech in Europe.

  • Atlas Biomed- this company develops DNA and microbiome testing kits to help people manage health concerns and lifestyle choices. Moreover, the company would help prevent long-term healthcare costs and can provide preventative options.
  • B2B Food Group- its online catering services offer digitize catering market to allow customers to order online or sign up for repeat services.
  • FlavorWiki- this company develops a software that analyzes consumers feedbacks on food and generates a flavor that would have an impact to people. Also, their human specialists and algorithims develop flavor profiles better than sensory science specialists.
  • HigherSteaks- this company is promoting meat that grows from laboratory. And, it aims to develop products that are environmentally friendly, humane, and healthier than farm meats.
  • Lactips- a company that makes water soluble and biodegradable materials using milk protein for agriculture and industrial use. Also, the company aims to reduce plastic usage and environmentally-harmful chemicals.
  • Locus- the company offers a digital application that enhances delivery routes, tracks food deliveries, and manages vehicle utilization. It assures consumers with timely delivery and route deviation, in case of emergency.
  • Lastly, the Phynova company that addresses health concerns, such as diabetes and skincare, with plant-made products.

Source: AG Funder News | Photo from Pexels

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