Ways to prevent food waste through AI

lessen food waste through digitized data
Ways on how to manage and lessen world's food waste

To illustrate, one-third of the total food produced every year goes to waste. Expecting almost two billion increase in world population by 2050, what can we do to lessen the world’s food waste?

Land. Manufacturing production. Operational and environmental costs. Food is not just the thing that values to nothing once we choose to waste it. As a result, the solution to make the supply chain maximize food production is to digitized data.

Moreover, digitized data can make supply chains more intelligent and zero-waste ready. The zero-waste philosophy bloomed a few years ago in small organic-food producers. Today, it is widely used among large organizations.

Furthermore, after Optel Group launched the Intelligence Supply Chain, embracing the zero-waste way is more achievable. Below are the ways on how we can innovate the operation in food production:

  • Digitize your supply chain.
  • Gather data through artificial intelligence to deliver to the consumer.
  • Connect the data and understand its solution.
  •  Maximum optimization of  AI algorithms for effects and impacts.

Source: Vanessa Grondlin, Food Dive | Photo by Louis Hansel, Unsplash

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