IAEA provides gamma detectors to combat soil erosion in Egypt, Senegal

gamma detectors in planting
The IAEA provides Egypt and Senegal with two gamma detectors to prevent soil degradation

The International Atomic Energy Agency has provided Egypt and Senegal with two gamma spectroscopy detectors to combat soil erosion. Moreover, it can assess arid and semi-arid lands in Africa.

In spite of the problems brought about by severe land degradation, the said countries still express their support in using isotopic techniques in soil assessment. One of these techniques is the Caesium-137, a type of fallout radionuclide tracers.

The C-137 technique helps in proving a long-term solution to land degradation. It also allows farmers to control soil erosion through continues implementation of training. Lastly, this device tracks the contamination from its original source, therefore, eliminating it before it completely destroys the soil.

Source: Matt Fisher, IAEA.org | Photo IAEA

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