No-burn agriculture: An initiative to protect environment from gas emissions

gas emissions
Environment suffers from burning of crop residue.

Burning of crop residue has greatly contributes to air pollution worldwide. It could cause a matter of national concern as it can affect human health. With this, the Nature Conservancy in India has initiated a promotion to develop science-based solutions to prevent gas emissions.

Afterwards, it promotes the use of Happy Seeder that arms farmers with a tool for crop residue management. It is a tractor that cuts and lifts rice straw and turn it as mulch. This equipment can also help farmers save from fuel, farm labor, and reduces chemical use.

Moreover, it can also improve soil biodiversity and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. No burn agriculture is a non-toxic solution that not just affect farmers lives but also keep our environment safe to live.

Source: Ritu Jha, Indica News | Photo from Pexels

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