Pesticide-spraying drones keep farmers safe from health hazards

health hazards of fertilizer and pesticides
Students from the UAS launch a pesticide-spraying drone to keeps farmers safe from health hazards.

Students from the University of Agricultural Sciences develop a drone to help farmers keep safe from health hazards of fertilizers and pesticides.

Moreover, it aims to provide a solution to farmers’ health issues and making the labor in spraying pesticides lesser. With this drone, farmers can spend just 45 minutes of pesticide-spraying for a 2.5 acres of land.

Also, this drone holds up to 20 liters and must maintain three to six feet above crops to prevent wastage. Controlled via GPRS, spraying time can be done even without the operator and automatically launches once the time is set is reached.

Source: Rashmi Patil, Edex Live | Photo from Flickr

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