Smartphone-enabled high-tech tractors launch in Thailand

high-tech tractors
Yanmar Group launched two high-tech tractors that feature SmartAssist technology.

Yanmar Group company launch two variants of high-tech tractors in Thailand to make lives easier for farmers and for extra gain in profits.

Furthermore, the YM357A and YM351A variants are fuel-efficient and have a SmartAssist technology that allows operators to control these high-tech tractors using smartphones. Also, these variants can work in rice paddies, dry fields, and haul loads.

Moreover,  operators can also receive notification on the machine’s status, error in operations, and provides customer service for additional assistance. Through this, farmers can reduce the amount of work on farms and increase the number of crops that they produce.

Source: Ahsan Habib, The Daily Star | Photo by Marshall Nordic, Flickr

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