Horticulture nurseries: Providing farmers with high-tech production systems

horticulture nurseries
Indian farmers will experience high-technological production systems through horticulture nurseries.

The state of Nagaland in India will build three horticulture nurseries to boost crop production and integrate a new high technological production system.

Furthermore, the said nurseries are named and will integrate the following innovation:

  • Farms & Nurseries- will install the semi-automated vegetables seedling production unit to produce around 70,000 high-quality seedlings per batch.
  • Mushroom Development Center- would make way for the cultivation of a new variety of mushroom and train farmers on how to generate income for different types of mushrooms.
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory- aims to produce quality and disease-free planting material for farmers.

Moreover, the state would also provide post-harvest management and marketing infrastructure to farmers. Also, the goals in horticulture nurseries would focus on planting materials, expansion, rejuvenation, cultivation, and nutrient and pest management systems.

Source: The Morung Express | Photo by Tony, Flickr

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