How to reduce heat stress in poultry farms?

heat stress in poultry farms
Ways on how to reduce the level of heat stress in poultry farms.

There are numerous ways that contribute to the heat stress in poultry farms. Most of these affect poultry performance in terms of reduction in the number of eggs produced, impaired immune system, and increased attraction to diseases.

Furthermore, there is a list of ways to maintain the growth rate, hatchability, egg quality, and production in poultry farms. To reduce the heat stress level in poultry farms, these are the ways farmers can do:

  • Maintain vegetations around poultry pens to increase ventilation during extremely hot weather conditions. The shades of leafy trees can create a cool environment for poultry.
  • Also, the installation of solar-powered fans and air coolers to produce mist airs within the pens. It also helps neutralize the heat level and maintain the growth and egg production of poultry.
  • Keep a clean source of water with electrolytes to help animals cope with high temperature. Take note if avoiding placing water lines on the ceiling as these would gain extra heat from the sun.
  • Avoid using shiny roofing materials as these would double the heat through solar radiation. Also, farmers can use the technique of spraying water to birds to prevent heat build-up.
  • Last, add vitamin C to feeds or water of the birds.

Source: Femi Ibirogba, The Guardian | Photo by Loozrboy, Flickr

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