Internet of Things: Shaping farms into modernized, sustainable agriculture

internet of things
How internet of things is shaping the modern agriculture?

Internet of Things (IoT) plays a great role in shaping farms to indulge in smart agriculture. Smart farming and IoT, when combined, could deliver an efficient, sustainable, and technology-based agricultural sector.

Modern technologies and the internet of things are already making a scene in agriculture. Furthermore, these are the benefits that it provides in the agriculture sector:

  • Effectively boost crop yield
  • Real-time analysis of climate and soil
  • Control pest population to prevent further spread of farm destruction
  • Promotes sustainable farming practices
  • Also, it improves the profitability of crops for farmers
  • Livestock and crop monitoring
  • Conservation of energy and water resources

These are just some of the advantages of integrating smart technologies in farming and when implemented wisely, it could cause a drastic improvement in our food production.

Source: Naveen Joshi, BBN Times | Photo by Marcus Brown, Flickr

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