Farmer-friendly Mobile Application Provides Real-Time Data Statistics

farmer-friendly mobile application
Cargill develops farmer-friendly mobile application to assist farmers in real-time data management practices.

Cargill Incorporated, a company in the United States that offers agricultural products, develops a farmer-friendly mobile application to digitize farm statistics. Also, it has plans on partnering with two poultry companies to develop an intelligent data management system.

The mobile application called Enteligen sees an opportunity to improve operations in farms through the power of data and real-time insights. In poultry farms, it can monitor the weight, feed, disease prevalence, and temperature control of animals.

Moreover, Enteligen will assist farmers in:

  • Data collection, management, and analysis platform.
  • Make precise decisions on feed and farm management practices.
  • Manage the short-term and long-term sustainability of dairy operations.

Source: BV Mahalakshmi, Financial Express | Photo by Tero Vesalainen, Pixabay

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