Multiple vertical farms to build in cities of United States

multiple vertical farms in cities
Vertical farming in the cities will help cope with the demand in global food production.

A New Jersey-based ag startup company, Bowery, raised a $90 million amount from Google Ventures to extend its multiple vertical farms in the cities.

Furthermore, the company uses zero pesticides at a 95% less water than traditional farming. Through its FarmOS software, it allows a connection between growers and crops as it tells if the crops need to adjust conditions for its growth.

Moreover, the company aims to integrate the power of technology to enhance global food systems. The company offers help to the communities in the cities as it provides healthy and fresh produced crops. These multiple vertical farms will help cope with the increasing demand in food production, especially in remote areas.

Source: Aria Bendix, Business Insider | Photo by Bright Agrotech, Pixabay

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