Northern Ireland boosts milk production by up to 2 liters/cow/day

milk production
Feed management system boosts milk production in Northern Ireland.

To boost the milk production, a farm in Northern Ireland integrates the KEENAN MechFiber400 that helps increase the production to up to 2 liters per cow per day.

The KEENAN MechFiber400 has a KEENAN controller and InTouch feed management platform that allows farmers to manage effectively the diets of cows. Also, the house has water beds to reduce the heat stress in the herd therefore, boosting the milk production.

Furthermore, the data that the machine provides come from a team of skilled nutritionists to ensure the maximum performance of animals each day. It also allows them to monitor the herd 24/7.

Source: AgriLand | Photo by Michael Pujals, Unsplash

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