Online innovation award goes to Herdwatch’s farm medicine scanner

online innovation award
Herdwatch bags the online innovation award for its farm medicine scanner application.

Herdwatch receives an award in Silver Online Innovation Award 2019 as its farm management application dominates 8,000 farms in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Dubbed as “farm medicine scanner”, this online innovation allows livestock farmers to save time from recording farm medicines as consumers’ demand on traceable products is increasing. Moreover, it has software that makes it easier for farmers to record purchases and treatments for animals.

Furthermore, the process includes recognition of barcodes and QR codes through the camera of smartphones that provides farmers with corresponding veterinary medicines directorate (VMD). Also, it can pull up the medicine’s batch number and expiry date.

Source: Sylvester Phelan, AgriLand | Photo by Oliur Rahman, Flickr

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