Pakistan supports new agricultural policy to offer advantages to farmers

agricultural policy
Pakistan initiates new agricultural policy to offer benefits to farmers.

The Balochistan government in Pakistan plans to fund the Public Sector Development Programme to promote agriculture, fisheries, livestock, and transport sectors. Also, the funds would initiate a new agricultural policy that would provide benefits to farmers.

The said agricultural policy would offer advantages such as:

  • Latest technologies that would improve the production of agriculture.
  • Loan schemes for women farmers.
  • Introduction of cottage industry, mushroom cultivation, poultry farming, livestock farming, bee keeping, and vegetable cultivation.
  • Advisory centers for guidance and technical assistance to farmers.
  • Programs that would facilitate and educate farmers to value addition in agricultural products.
  • Agricultural research institutions for farming experts to develop digital solutions.
  • Also, encourage farmers to cultivate long staple cotton.
  • And, lastly, launch wheat seminars with proper management for 50 growers in each area.

Source: Umer Jamshaid, Urdu Point | Photo by Bence Balla Schottner, Unsplash 

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