How to maximize rain water as irrigation in drought-stricken farms?

perennial crops in dry areas
Maximizing rain water from soil to serve as irrigation water in California.

Severe droughts have hit California’s agricultural lands. With this, researchers from the University of California found a way to maximize the use of water while meeting the demand in perennial crops.

Five perennial crops are quite in demand in California. Maximizing the use of rain water from the soil could help address the growing demand in food production. The study shows that climate-smart practices could help farmers cope with worsening drought.

Delaying the first irrigation will allow the roots of the crops to soak with the water from rain. It also reduces water loss from evaporation therefore saving water up to six times more. This practice is an efficient way of acquiring deep soil water storage.

Source: Amy Quinton, UC Davis | Photo by John Curley, Flickr

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