Photorespiration: Solving the increasing demand for food production

photorespiration of crops
A team of researchers have found a way to increase the productivity of crops through photorespiration.

Researchers from the University of Illinois and U.S. Department of Agriculture saw an opportunity in photorespiration to increase the productivity of crops.

Introduced as the Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency (RIPE) project, the process of photorespiration is to genetically engineer crops to photosynthesize efficiently and productively. Also, through this, the increasing demand for food production worldwide will be addressed.

Furthermore, these engineered crops will grow faster, healthy, and abundantly making food crops accessible and possible to all. With this, the plan of arming farmers with this technology to feed the entire world is the main goal of the project.

Source: Claire Benjamin, Insititute for Genomic Biology | Photo by JulieMac, Pixabay

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