Phytosanitary projects pave way to reduce impact on soil health

soil database platform
The Food and Agriculture Organization of UN helps the community of Turkey through the introduction of soil database platform to improve soil health.

Phytosanitary projects conducted in European agricultural crops proven its wide effect on the improvement of agricultural production. However, research also says that this impacted the agricultural soils of the European Union.

Researchers from the European Diverfarming project of the University of Wageningen conduct an analyzation of soil samples from 11 countries. This has confirmed the pesticide residues left on the surface of the soils that caused toxicity and risk to the soil health. It also opens risk to human health as this can be airborne due to air currents.

Therefore, the said research proposes alternatives to preserve soil health, biodiversity, and microorganism balance:

  • Use of non-persistent pesticides
  • Bio-stimulants
  • Organic composts for crop diversification
  • Lastly, the evaluation of environmental risks of products to reduce its impact.

Source: Phys Org | Photo by Wuzefe, Pixabay

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