Minimizing the post-harvest losses of soybean through R&D program

post-harvest losses
Research and development program to boost the productivity of soybean in the Philippines

The Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines launched the Soybean Research and Development (R&D) program to reduce post-harvest losses, boost the production, and level-up the income of farmers.

Furthermore, the R&D program offers a cropping system that would help farmers gain supply chain improvement and improved health through increased consumption of soybeans. Also, this program will focus on these five pillars:

  • Analysis of supply chain and its competitiveness in the market
  • Productivity and technical efficiency of soybeans as food
  • Soybean for higher income and enhanced soil health through cropping systems
  • Also, the sustainability of soybean seed sector
  • And, the soybean variety development for large seed size, higher yields, and enhanced functional properties.

Moreover, farmers will learn about the post-processing of soybean into other products to reduce post-harvest losses.

Source: Business World | Photo by Tim Perdue, Flickr

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