Poultry products development, a priority of Evonik Industries

ensuring the development of poultry products
The Evonik Industries made investment in livestock agriculture to ensure the development of poultry products

Evonik Industries, a Germany-based chemical company, closed a partnership with OPTIfarm Ltd., a precision livestock startup company in the United Kingdom, to improve the production of poultry products.

Furthermore, the OPTIfarm concept mainly is about the digitalization and sustainability of chicken farming. Also, it focuses on optimizing the farm facility to make every goal achievable to the farmers.

Aside from OPTIfarm, Evonik also signed an investment on Ovo, a Dutch biotechnology startup. The company aims to identify the gender of chicken embryos to avoid culling of male chicks.

In conclusion, the Evonik company ensures that animal welfare in the poultry industry is in good hands and would welcome business and development in the long run.

Source: Jane Byrne, Feed navigator.com | Photo by Wilma Polinder, Pixabay

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