CNH launches precision farming technologies through AGXTEND™

precision farming technologies
CNH Industrial introduces new precision farming technologies through its AGXTEND™ brand.

The customers of different agricultural brands will enjoy the exclusive productivity of precision farming technologies as CNH Industrial launch its AGXTEND™ brand.

To explain further, the AGXTEND™ will assist farmers throughout the cropping cycle from guidance solutions up to the full range of precision solutions and connected services. This brand offers products that feature:

  • Zero-chemical weed control
  • Electro-herbicide technology
  • Real-time soil sensing systems for uniform tillage performance
  • Infrared and sensing systems for real-time crop data
  • Biomass sensing package that monitors plant conditions and accurately applies fertilizer
  • Lastly, the Internet of Things for real-time weather sensor data.

In conclusion, the AGXTEND™ can be integrated with any precision farming platforms.

Source: AP News | Photo by Shane Casey, Flickr

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