Precision Technologies: Making farms more sustainable and profitable

precision technologies
A team of researcher conducts a series of studies on how precision technologies could make farming more efficient while using less water.

A researcher from Texas Tech collaborates with South Plains Precision Ag to develop precision technologies on efficient use of water in agriculture.

Known for its variable-rate irrigation system, the team plans to provide farmers with a tool that would control the amount of water used in irrigation. At the same time, farmers can irrigate their lands at the right time in the right areas.

Furthermore, after conducting several studies, the team used unmanned aerial vehicles and find out that crop reacts to different soil properties and topography. Also, optimizing the allocation of irrigation water would maximize the yield potential of crops.

Lastly, this type of precision technologies would help farmers use less water while making farms more sustainable.

Source: Haleigh Erramouspe, Texas Tech Today | Photo from Pixabay

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