Reducing global food waste through people’s initiatives


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, around 821 million people suffer from food deprivation worldwide. But, currently, the food sector feeds around 14 billion people and 1/3 of that number goes to waste.

With this, experts in the food sector state that supply chains need to change the patterns of consumption and waste globally. Furthermore, experts suggest to focus on three main things in reducing food waste in food production:

  • Recycling of food waste- food scraps must turn into compost and biogas instead of throwing in landfills. Machines, such as anaerobic digester, will transform waste from commercial and residential buildings into useful products.
  • Urban farming- learn to grow food in the cities. Through this, it will help decrease the demand in agricultural lands, less time spent on transporting goods, and food can be grown at the comfort of one’s home.
  • Changing diets- urge people to change their way of eating. Meat consumption in developing countries has increased drastically. Through diets change, it will make people live healthier lives, less pressure on food production, sustainable farming, and cheaper cost of living.

Source: Silvio Caputo, Phys Org | Photo by Brian Lynch , Flickr

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