How to Produce Renewable Natural Gas from Manure and Organic Waste?

renewable natural gas
Dairy farms in New York are encouraged to use anaerobic digesters to produce a renewable natural gas from manure.

Anaerobic digestion is a process that turns waste into fuels. In New York, around 4,300 dairy farms express their support in anaerobic digesters that would convert manure into renewable natural gas.

Methane gas is normally produced through anaerobic digesters. It uses electricity to power operations, therefore, reduces the costs of utility. It also produces energy that is the same to the energy produced by wind and solar power.

However, when anaerobic digesters produce renewable natural gas it could lead to:

  • Higher profits made through crop yields.
  • It can fuel farm and commercial vehicles.
  • Manure from organic waste can produce an unlimited supply of material to produce renewable natural gas.
  • Also, it can replace the use of harmful diesel.
  • More importantly, refine biogas produces zero health-threatening emissions.

Source: Paul Post, Lancaster Farming | Photo by Vadim Zaliva, Flickr

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