Selective breeding addresses problems on animal waste, food production

selective breeding in alternative food sources
A startup company in Fukuoka, Japan further improve its project on selective breeding to address problems on food production and animal waste.

With the goal to solve the worsening problems in agriculture, particularly in food and animal waste, Musca Inc. introduces its project on selective breeding to address these issues.

Through houseflies, Musca plans to breed a new generation of flies to recycle waste, produce a natural fertilizer, and achieve self-sufficiency in food production.

The said process includes hatching fly eggs and feed them with astronauts’ feces. After that, the excrement that the insect will produce will be used as a fertilizer and the protein-rich maggots as food.

Lastly, this project sees an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent water contamination from animal excretions.

Source: Alex Martin, The Japan Times | Photo by Rainer Hungershausen, Flickr

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