Shrimp farming: High oxidization kills bacteria in water

shrimp farming technology
Shrimp farming in Vietnam to boost with new high oxidization and non-chemical approach.

Nano biological research urged Vietnamese Trần Bá Cương John to develop a non-chemical antibiotic approach and high-tech solutions in shrimp farming.

After the launch of the first hi-tech shrimp farming project in Vietnam, the company introduce a non-chemical antibiotic and water filtration re-circulation system approach in the farm. Moreover, natural antibiotics, such as guava leaves and garlic, prevents infection and save farmers from production costs.

Also, the new bubble generator will help add more oxygen to the water allowing shrimps to breathe more underneath. This process of high oxidization eliminates the risks of harmful bacteria in the water.

Source: Cong Thanh, Eleven Media Group Co. | Photo by World Fish, Flickr

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