Small Robots in Farming and their Main Tasks

small robots in farming
The Small Robot Company introduces its four small robots in farming that is set to go on operations by 2019.

The newly developed four small robots in farming of Small Robot Company in England are ready to go on operations by 2019.

Moreover, these robots can help in planting, feeding, and weeding arable crops with very minimal waste. To learn more about each robot, read more here:

  • Tom- called as the monitoring robot. It has features of autonomy, geolocation, obstacle avoidance, navigation, and has the ability to position objects on a map.
  • Wilma- called as the brains of the operation. It is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows a granular operating system and soil monitoring. It can take care of the plants by providing only the necessary level of nutrients and support.
  • Harry- called the planting robot, its features of precise drilling and planting mechanism allow, also, an accurate placing of seeds through punch-planting method.
  • Dick- called the non-chemical weeding robot, its micro-sprayer and digital planting features allow a precise spraying for chemical-induced products.

To conclude, these robots will change the way people see robots in agriculture while reducing the environmental impact of traditional farming.

Source: David Manners, Electronics | Photo by Randy Battaglia, Flickr

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