Smart solutions in Israel seek better food production

smart solutions in farming
Israel have made a significant effort in providing innovations in agriculture.

Agriculture seeks technological innovation to be able to address the growing demand in food production. How does Israel contributes to smart solutions in boosting the food production worldwide? Here are some of the invented technologies!

  • The GrainPro Cocoons are bags that protect grains from pests and molds and keeping it fresh in the market. These bags keep water and air out of the package therefore keeping the produce fresh and prolongs shelf life.
  • Biofeed introduces the FreeDome series which are no-spray and organic feeding stimulants to keep fruit flies away from mango production and prevent fruit infestation.
  • Bio-Bee’s BioPersimilis which is a biological pest control that prevents spider mites from devastating fields. It also reduces the amount of pesticides use in farm.
  • Also, the AKOLogic farm management system of AKOL that provides farmers with constant updates on regulatory guidelines in agriculture per state. It allows farmers to manage resources and administrative process when exporting their products to other country’s market.
  • The Tal-Ya Water Technologies reusable plastic tray that collects water from the air to serve as an irrigation water of crops and trees. It can also block the sunlight to protect crops from temperature changes and weeds.
  • And, the Amai Proteins  which produces the sweetest protein in the world as a replacement for sugar-containing products.

Source: Abigail Klein Leichman, Blitz | Photo from Flickr

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